School zone flashing beacons are an industry standard to reduce the speed limit during school start and end times. However, as things change, they need constant maintenance to stay up to date.

The Applied Information school zone technology makes it possible to remotely monitor the school beacons. The system utilizes the Glance cloud based software system that can be accessed on any web browser. The Glance user interface is map based, allowing user to locate and manage all of their school beacons. Utilizing all the features of google maps such as satellite view and street view. The Glance Smart City Supervisory System allows user to easily monitor the AC power, battery system voltage, solar charge voltage and even possible lamp failures. All these alerts are then instantly sent to the necessary resources via email and text messages.

Glance allows authorized city personnel to change the school schedules remotely from any computer to ensure the beacons are turning on and off at the correct times. It is very simple and easy to change holiday schedules for the new school year.

The Applied Information school beacon timer switch has a build in cell modem and GPS for self locating and sending all information back to the Glance central system. The hardware can be installed in either AC or DC applications. The timer switch can be retrofitted into most existing school beacons.

For more information on the Glance School Zone Management System, contact your trusted advisor at the Traffic Control Corporation.