Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program (ITEP)

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Eligible elements as part of Pedestrian/Bicycle Facilities projects:
• Pedestrian modifications to existing signals (ped heads, push buttons, etc.)
• Crossing warning lights (per MUTCD)
• Pedestrian crossings (not eligible as a stand-alone project)
• Bikeways (lane, path, route and trail)
• Pedestrian lighting*

IDOT will be accepting applications for ITEP beginning on August 21, 2020 with the deadline for application submittals on November 2, 2020
The ITEP program now includes $105.6 million in funding – $30.6M from federal dollars and $75M from state dollars, which is higher than has been reported. The $75 million from state funding is solely for walking, biking and trail projects (categories 1 and 3 in the ITEP application).

We want to help plan for the future in an uncertain time. For more information regarding application assistance and general questions about the ITEP Grant. Please contact Traffic Control Corporation at 630-543-1300 or email for more information.