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ECONOLITE Polycarbonate Vehicle and Pedestrian Signal Housing, Aluminum Vehicle and Pedestrian Signal Housing, NEMA Cabinets, NEMA TS1 & TS2 Backpanels, NEMA Controllers & Software, NEMA Closed Loop Master Controller, 170/2070 Controllers & Software, Transit Signal Priority Software, NEMA RackMount Controller, ATC Controller, Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS), Adaptive Control Software, (MOE) Measure of Effectiveness, Intersection Analysis & Reporting Tools, Intersection Monitor Software, Traffic Data & Analytics Software, Video Vehicle Detection, Radar Vehicle Detection
SAFETRAN ITS Roadway Cabinets - 33(X), ITS Traffic Control - 170 & 2070 , Hybrid Cabinets, UPS/BBS Cabinets, 33(X) CalTrans Cabinets, Rackmount Controller, 2070 Controller, 170 Controller
GTT GTT Opticom™ GPS Preemption System (EVP), Opticom™ Multimode (GPS/IR) Preemption System (EVP), Opticom™ Infra-Red Preemption System (EVP), Opticom™ Central Management Software (CMS), Transit Signal Priority System (TSP), Canoga™ Traffic Sensing, Opticom™, Canoga™ 
reno RENO A&E Vehicle Detectors, Bicycle Detection, Detector Card Racks, Preformed Loops, Loop Wire & Cable, Loop Finders, Malfunction Monitor (MMU) - NEMA, Conflict Monitor Unit (CMU) -170 & 2070, Load Switch, Flash Transfer Relay, Bus Interface Unit (BIU)
GE GE Current Traffic Signal Modules - GTX LED 120V, Traffic Signal Modules - GT1 LED ARROWS, Pedestrian Signal Modules - LED, Bicycle Traffic Signals - LED, Lane Control Modules -LED, Rail Signal Modules - LED, Wayside Signal Modules - LED, Transit Signal Module - LED, Special Purpose Traffic Signal Masks
pedsafety CAMPBELL COMPANY Advisor Guide Accessible Pedestrian Station (AGPS)
Advisor Advance Accessible Pedestrian Station (AAPS)
, Pedestrian Crosswalk Push Buttons, Pedestrian Crosswalk Stations & Mounting Hardware, Pedestrian Crosswalk Signs & Plaques
ALPHA TECHNOLOGIES Traffic Signal UPS System, Traffic Signal UPS Cabinet, UPS Power Module, UPS Manual Bypass Switch, Power Conditioners, UPS Batteries, UPS Heater Mats, Solar Panels & Regulators
APPLIED INFORMATION Smart City Supervisory System, School Zone Flashing Beacons Monitoring, Priority and Preemption, and Connected Vehicle Solutions
intuicom INTUICOM Wireless Broadband Solutions, Nitro 58 Broadband Radios, BBS Series Broadband Radios , Wireless Enterprise Management Software, Wireless Hardened Industrial Radios - Serial & IP
JSF JSF TECHNOLOGIES School Zone Beacons, Crosswalk Beacons, Stop Sign Beacons, Warning Sign Beacons, Emergency Vehicle Warning Beacon System, Construction Site Beacons, Remote Activation Beacons, Remote Schedule Beacons, Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacon (RRFB)
TRAFFICCAST Travel-Time Origination & Destination
chemque CHEMQUE Detector Loop Sealant, Runway & Concrete Sealant, Roadsign Post & Backfill Adheasives, Utility Pole Backfill, Fence Post Backfill
WTI Cameras Encoders & Accessories
pelco PELCO PRODUCTS INC Traffic Signal Mounting Hardware (Brackets), Traffic Signal Mounting Hardware (Components), Traffic Signal Posts & Bases, Pedestrian Station Poles & Bases, Break-Away Pole Base, Camera & Sensor Mounting Hardware, Sign Mounting Hardware, Stainless Steel Banding, Anchor Bolts