New best-in-class radar sensor solution strengthens Econolite’s position as the industry-leading sensor solutions provider


Anaheim, Calif., March 10, 2021—Econolite, the leader in one-stop-shop traffic management, today announced that it has introduced EVO RADAR detection sensor. The Econolite EVO RADAR is a best-in-class radar detection sensor, providing superior traffic detection accuracy and reliability. EVO RADAR further strengthens Econolite’s industry-leading portfolio of in-ground and above-ground detection solutions.


“The Econolite EVO RADAR provides an unprecedented 110-degree field of view along with a sensing range of up to 900 feet, enabling only two sensors to fully cover all approaches at most intersections,” said Eric Raamot, Econolite Chief Technology Officer. “EVO RADAR’s sensing capabilities can detect vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles. It can classify and track vehicles even when stopped. As a result, EVO can comprehensively support the detection requirements for a multitude of traffic control and safety applications.”

Beyond traditional advance and stop bar detection, EVO RADAR can serve the detection needs for automated traffic signal performance measures, pedestrian-in-crosswalk applications, bicycle-differentiated signal timing, and even the Institute of Transportation Engineers’ forthcoming guidance for Red-Light Violation Warning C-V2X systems. “EVO RADAR’s unparalleled capabilities along with our extensive intersection detection design services and hallmark technical support make it the best-in-class sensor solution,” added Raamot.

EVO RADAR is ideally suited for high-speed approaches, addressing dilemma zone safety, which is vital for traffic engineering operations and the community as a whole. With only two sensors needed to provide detection for an entire intersection, EVO RADAR saves transportation agencies time, materials, as well as installation and maintenance costs. For more about EVO RADAR visit:

EVO RADAR is the latest addition to Econolite’s industry-leading solutions-oriented portfolio of sensors, which includes Autoscope Vision and its AccuSense line of in-ground wireless sensors. With the most comprehensive suite of detection sensor types, Econolite is able to work independently and collaboratively with other providers to design the most suited sensor solution for each application to help optimize intersection efficiency and safety. To learn more about Econolite’s sensor solutions, visit:


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