Econolite Introduces Cloud-Based Signal Performance Measures with Centracs® ATMS

Centracs SPM improves traffic signal optimization and continuous monitoring

Anaheim, Calif., July 28, 2017 – Econolite today introduced Centracs® Signal Performance Measures (SPM). Centracs SPM is a cloud-based software solution designed to improve traffic signal optimization and continuous monitoring in support of the fourth round of the Every Day Counts (EDC-4) program of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) that encourages implementation of automated traffic signal performance measures as a means to optimize traffic signal coordination and programming. 

Centracs SPM enables transportation agencies to make signal re-timing strategy decisions based on high-resolution dynamic traffic performance data without the costs associated with manually-collected low-resolution data and simulations. Centracs SPM provides continuous traffic data collection and analytics, enabling transportation professionals to proactively optimize signal timing, enhancing mobility and safety. In addition, Centracs SPM is an ideal fit for connected and autonomous vehicles and Smart City applications. 

“Well optimized signal timing is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic mobility and safety,” said Econolite Vice President of Engineering Eric Raamot. “USDOT recommends re-timing of traffic signals every three to seven years.  Unfortunately, the manual acquisition of data to determine the necessity of signal re-timing, as well as traditional methods of offline signal optimization, present a significant cost barrier for transportation agencies to maintain well-optimized systems. Centracs SPM provides access to high-resolution signal data and analytical tools that support performance-based signal re-timing, allowing traffic engineers to monitor and re-optimize all of their traffic signals on a continual basis.” 

Centracs SPM is a cloud-based high-resolution traffic data collection and analytics software system designed to be a robust solution that provides transportation agencies and professionals new options to proactively optimize traffic signal timing based on performance metrics. Centracs SPM can replace the traditional, manually-intensive, and costly process of re-timing outdated traffic signal programs. The user-friendly web-hosted analytics is not affected or limited to escalating and infrequent traffic counts.

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Credit: Econolite Group, Inc. Marketing