Partnership to accelerate deployment of advanced vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) systems in support of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Cities

ANAHEIM, Calif. & SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 16, 2017 — Econolite Group today announced it has finalized negotiations with Savari Inc. in forming an exclusive partnership to accelerate the deployment of vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) safety applications supporting the rapidly expanding Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) marketplace. The partnership agreement provides Econolite exclusive distributorship of Savari’s StreetWAVE™ Roadside Units (RSUs) to the Americas (U.S., Canada, Mexico, and South America), Middle East, and Africa.

“Our partnership with Savari Inc. brings together the industry leaders in ITS and V2X technologies,” said Econolite Group Sr. VP and CTO Gary Duncan. “The expanding development of connected and automated vehicles plus Smart City initiatives is placing greater importance on V2I capabilities. This partnership will help ensure that we can quickly respond to and support the V2I needs of cities, planners, and transportation agencies.”

Savari StreetWAVE RSUs combined with Econolite’s Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) solutions (Centracs® ATMS and Econolite Cobalt controllers) enable new levels of traffic management that can significantly reduce congestion and enhance safety, as well as establish the infrastructure foundation for CAV networks. V2I safety applications such as Red Light Violation Warning, Curve Speed Warning (CSW), and Work Zone Warning are easily attained by implementing Econolite and Savari technologies.

“This agreement represents a strategic focus on helping the future of connected and automated vehicles become reality,” said Ravi Puvvala, CEO of Savari. “Our successful V2X collaboration efforts combined with commercially available solutions uniquely positions the two companies to offer the most comprehensive and proven V2I solutions today. We look forward to this partnership helping deploy the V2X communications foundation that ushers in the Smart Cities transformation.”

Econolite Group and Savari have collaborated on a number of connected vehicle research projects and proof of concept demonstrations, including the Multi-Modal Intelligent Traffic Signal System (MMITSS) project that demonstrated how V2X technologies can optimize intersection operation and provide improved response to priority requests for emergency, transit, and freight vehicles. MMITSS leveraged commercially available ITS systems from Econolite and V2X communication products from Savari together with advanced control and priority concepts developed by the University of Arizona.

About Savari

Savari seeks to make the world’s roadways smarter and safer by deploying advanced wireless sensor technologies and software for V2X environments to support a growing portfolio of intelligent transportation services. With more than 150 man-years of V2X learning and development and 15 million-plus miles per year of public testing, Savari is a leader in V2X technology. Savari is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., and has offices in Detroit, Mich., Munich, Germany, Seoul, Korea and Bangalore, India. The company is comprised of a core team of industry veterans from the automotive, semiconductor, software and telecommunications industries. Savari is partnering with automotive OEMs, system integrators, chipset vendors and industry groups like the U.S. Department of Transportation. For more information, visit

About Econolite Group

Econolite Group, with more than 80 years’ expertise in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), is a leading provider of comprehensive traffic management solutions, ITS, and engineering services. Committed to the advancement of connected vehicle and other leading-edge technologies, Econolite Group’s solutions ease traffic congestion, enhance transit operations, provide safer mobility, and improves quality of life. For more information:


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